What is the LST Engine?

We have used the LS based engine to help bring short track racing into the 20th Century by using some of the technology that is now available to us in the racing world. We hope by using this platform and the ability to have local engine builders use this platform it will keep them alive and well. They have helped many of us for years. 

No engine built today has an iron block, they are almost impossible to find used and new ones are more expensive than this one is. We have decided to work on what will be around for years and GM has this block in its line up until the year 2023 and beyond.

The SPEC or SEAL program is good and works well, but to us the ACE engine also does the same. We also believe and are working towards having this as a competitive engine without making it better than what we have now, so you don't have to go out and buy a new one! 

As many as our shows and others around have proven, many engine packages can run together and be very competitive. 

The LST is the best choice for a cost effective option.



Weight fully dressed - 383 lbs. 

375  Cubic Inch

4.065 Bore

3.622 Stroke

11-1 Compression

Aluminum Blocks and Heads

61 CC Heads

2 BBL Carbs

625 Lift Hyd. Roller Cam

CNC Ported Heads

500 HP Platform - Designed to be equal to other engine packages in the $20,000 

to $30,00 range.

List price - $15,299

When possible - all engines from Tiry's will be equipped with a Coleman light weight  clutch.


Billet Valve Covers

Tapered Carb Spacers

Billet Aluminum Coil Mounts

Valve Covers with Spring Oilers


2019 Alive for 5 Champion  

2019 Hugh Deery Classic 99 Winner

3 ARCA Midwest Tour Wins

4 Wins in First Season

3 Track Championships 

2018 ARCA Midwest Tour Champion

2018 Bettenhausen Memorial Winner at Grundy